Benton County Jury Gives Adam Nelson Victory in Personal Injury and Property Damage Case

September 18th, 2018  

Attorney Adam Nelson, an associate in the firm’s Jackson, Tennessee office, recently received a judgment in his favor from a Benton County, Tennessee jury on all counts in a personal injury and property damage claim arising from a car accident.  The plaintiff, represented by attorney Chip McLean from Paris, Tennessee, initially sued Adam’s client for personal injuries arising from the accident.  Adam defended his client against those claims and also pursued a counter-claim for his client’s property damage.  After the all of the proof was presented at trial, the Jury returned a verdict finding that the plaintiff was actually 100% at fault for causing the accident and awarded Adam’s client the full amount of his property damage claim.  With regard to the verdict, Adam said “it was a great day for me and my client.  It only took the jury thirty minutes to agree with us after they heard all of the evidence.”


Before trial, Adam had identified an eyewitness who had not been listed on the accident report. That witness’s testimony agreed with his client’s testimony which, in conjunction with exhibits showing the layout of the road at the accident scene, allowed Adam and his client to present a strong case that resulted in a winning verdict.