Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arbitration, mediation and other forms of dispute resolution (ADR) are increasingly becoming alternatives to traditional litigation. The uncertainty and expense of litigation and the inherent risks involved often make ADR the most efficient and economical method of resolving disputes. Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in a range of ADR processes. Our attorneys have utilized ADR procedures in disputes involving contract, negligence, personal injury, products liability, construction, real estate, employment, and tort claims. We constantly strive to achieve the best, most efficient and cost-effective resolution of disputes for each client by specifically tailoring the ADR process to our clients and to their particular dispute.


In addition to representing our clients in ADR processes, the Firm also provides ADR services. Members of the Firm have been approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court for work in connection with state cases and approved to conduct court-annexed mediation in the federal courts for the Western District of Tennessee. Our attorneys have served as mediators in a variety of disputes, including employment, medical malpractice and business disputes.