City of Humboldt Wins Summary Judgement in Sex Discrimination Law Suit

March 6th, 2015  

Humboldt, TN (December 6, 2011) – A discrimination suit against the City of Humboldt, TN, brought by a former police officer, was dismissed in Gibson County Circuit Court. Judge Clayburn Peeples granted the city’s motion for summary judgment. The city was represented by John Burleson and Geoffrey Lindley of Rainey, Kizer, Reviere & Bell, PLC (Rainey Kizer).

The former officer, alleged that the city fired her because she was pregnant and that she was discriminated against when the city treated her differently than male officers. The city responded that she was fired for signing a warrant falsely accusing her former boyfriend of violating an order of protection.


Following her termination, the former officer filed an appeal that was heard by the Humboldt Mayor and Alderman. During this hearing, the police department explained that the former officer accused her former boyfriend of violating an order of protection by following her into the Humboldt Wal-Mart. The charge was investigated by city police, who determined there were insufficient grounds to file a charge. At this point, the former officer signed a warrant which led to the arrest of the former boyfriend.


The mayor and aldermen learned that Chief Raymond Simmons and Assistant Chief Bill Baker went to Wal-Mart and reviewed the security video. The video contradicted the former officer’s version of events, showing that the former boyfriend never followed her and was at the store when she arrived. Based on this information, Chief Simmons asked Assistant Chief Baker to conduct an internal affairs investigation and the city suspended her with pay. Based on the internal affairs report, the city terminated her employment. The former officer subsequently sued, which led to the summary judgment.



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Source: Rainey, Kizer, Reviere & Bell, P.L.C.