Estate Planning and Elder Law

The Firm offers various estate planning, disability planning and probate services to its clients. Members of the group remain knowledgeable of changes and new developments in the state and federal tax laws in order to offer the most up-to-date alternatives for wealth preservation and estate planning. Additionally, the members’ extensive knowledge in the area of Medicaid nursing home regulations and state laws concerning guardianship and conservatorship allow the attorneys to advise their clients through the difficult times associated with disability of family members or other loved ones. All attorneys practicing in this area have worked extensively in the area of estate administration in probate court, handling both small and large estates. The firm’s reputation for offering quality assistance and advice to its clients in matters of estate planning and the administration of the estates of decedents and the disabled is recognized throughout West Tennessee.


Our estate planning and elder law practice includes:

• Conservatorship, Disability and Nursing Home Planning

• Probate and Estate Administration

• Tax and Estate Planning

• Wills and Trusts